Crafting Sacred Space

Sam Loe - Crafting Sacred Space

One opportunity that this Covid era offers us is to put in place a solid and regular home yoga practice. More than ever, being able to practice yoga by yourself has become a necessity. During the past few months I’ve been facilitating self-practice sessions with people via Zoom and it has been such a privilege to get a peak into people’s personal practice rooms and hear about how they create a special place for themselves. From a welcoming sheepskin rug, glowing salt lamps, a miniature Ganesh on a bookshelf, silky marine blue blankets, personal journals with favourite pens, well cared for house plants, stunning vistas and thoroughly vacuumed carpets; so many elements can come together to make up these sacred spaces.

With personal commitment and intention, Yoga becomes a ritual of connection with yourself, no matter how short the practice. When you step into a space that feels safe and personalised it feeds the quality and dedication of your practice.

Creating a sacred space is part of what I call ‘The Practice Container’. This covers the logistics like “When do I practice? Have I prepared the space where I’ll practice? What will I practice?”
It is about laying down the basic environmental factors that you need to have in place if you are going to succeed at this!

Here’s your checklist:

  1. Create a dedicated and inviting space
  2. Plan a regular time slot and schedule an appointment with yourself – add it into your iCal
  3. Make the decision the night before or at the beginning of the day if it’s an evening practice
  4. Get jobs and distractions sorted beforehand so you can focus

I believe the most vital element of your Practice Container is creating a conducive physical space as it becomes the welcoming invitation to get you on the mat. I know many people who set aside a corner of a bedroom or living space and then others who are lucky enough to devote a whole room to their practice ritual. The main thing is to create and maintain a sacred, quiet, clean, permanent place just for your Yoga.  The process of cleaning and sorting a space will help to solidify your intention to do the practice.

Once you practice in the same spot, that space will absorb the energy of your practice, making it easier for you to remain centered and motivated whenever you show up. You may just find yourself sitting there even if it’s just for a cup of tea which will add some mindfulness to your beverage consumption! If you really can’t claim one particular space at home and need to move around according to where and what the rest of your family or house mates are up to, consider creating a portable practice kit. You could put all your gear in a basket or rolled up in a bundle along with a little box of altar objects.

Wherever and however you practice consider making some kind of altar using candles, meaningful objects, photos, quotes or poems to make a mini shrine. An altar reminds you of your intention and heightens awareness too.

Some of my students have been generous enough to share photos of their practice spaces. I absolutely love seeing everyone’s different set ups from extravagant to super simple.

Once you’ve set up your space, it’s time to think about what you might want to practice.

One option is my new Nourishing Yoga moves series. Start today! I also offer private sessions, here in my studio or online via Zoom where we can craft a practice just for you. Email me if you are interested in working with me. 

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