Free Meditations And Resources For your Lockdown Practice

As we navigate our way through these extraordinary and anxiety provoking times that will impact us all we must find ways to stay calm and take care of ourselves and our Whanau (family and community). This is easier said than done in times of social distancing, self-isolation, economic strife, and unknown territory. Here you will find links to many of my short and easy meditations and practices.
Hayden Wano the chair of NZ’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Commission was interviewed by Kathryn Ryan on the nine to noon programme. He spoke about looking after mental health and wellbeing during Covid-19 for which you can find some very valuable resources on the website. When asked what is it that people should bear in mind he mentioned that one of the basic things to draw upon in these times is knowing where your safe place is. ‘Safe’ is a difficult word to entertain during times of fear and challenge. As a Yoga and iRest teacher and mentor I would love to support you with some free audio and video resources to inspire and help you cultivate a sense of calm and Wellbeing even as things become intense and stressful. Which of the following feels like it might support you right now?
Cultivate a Calm Inner Resource
To begin with why not try this new meditation I made to cultivate a reliable and secure Inner Resource for yourself. (14 mins)
Settle the Kids
And if you have children this tree house meditation could be a great thing to play before bed especially if your child is feeling anxious: (10 mins)

Rest Constructively
If you feel exhausted try Constructive Rest to rejuvenate and be kind to yourself:
(17 mins)

Get in touch with what you are feeling
If you don’t know what your feeling but would like to check in try this personal weather report: (10 mins)

Restore your Self using just 3 blankets
If you have half an hour, practice self-care and make your self a little nest with 3 blankets: (30 mins)

Incorporate ease even during challenge
Find ease in child’s posture and then see if you can maintain it as you shift into something more challenging. This is just a very short video to inspire you to explore more in a longer practice: (2-10mins mins)

Ground, breathe and move with a gentle vinyasa sequence
Keep things grounded and steady by practicing 1 or many earth salutes, one of my favourites: ( 2-10 minutes)

More resources coming soon….

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