About Sam

What I do

I offer conscious movement and Restorative Yoga classes, private sessions, workshops and retreats here where I live in Nelson, New Zealand.

My practice and teaching come from a somatic place of listening deeply within, which is a skill that I have developed with support from my teachers. I have been blessed to have studied in depth with Donna Farhi and through her guidance have been opened up to a truly loving and sustainable practice. She also introduced me to Restorative Yoga which has become one of my staples and I love to share it with my community.

With nearly two decades of yoga practice under my belt I feel so grateful to have had a practice to guide and support me through some challenging times, especially as a mother, as well as delight in and appreciate the good times.

My Journey

My early years of Yoga inspired me on an amazing journey through Europe and India encountering many international teachers, studying the physical as well as the philosophical teachings of Yoga. I love to go back to the Yoga Sutras over and over again but my true love is the Tantric lineage of Oneness. I am learning more and more about these non-dual texts through the through the teachings Dr. Richard Miller and his offerings of iRest Yoga Nidra and Meditation. In fact I am currently training to become a fully certified teacher of iRest Yoga Nidra having already gained my level 1 and 2 requirements.

Over the years I have studied with many incredible teachers around the world.

Just some of my teachers

Gratitude to my tribe

I have made many friends along the way and particularly want to acknowledge my great sounding board yogi Lynda Miers Henneveld who has advised and supported me in all things yoga and family for more than a decade. I am also in constant gratitude for my yoga tribe including Karla Brodie, Neal Goshal, Melissa Gardiner and Lisa Petersen as well as my students who are all working somatically and compassionately.

I hold dearly my ‘Mastermind’ buddies Anna Wilde and Nicola Galloway with whom I meet biweekly to share and sound out my ideas for teaching and sharing these practices.

My biggest teachers and supporters however, are my beloved partner Rob and lively sons Eli and Sol. Thanks for all that you bring to me my boys.

Through my work I hope to guide people into valuing themselves enough to take time out, speak kindly to themselves and rest here now. These acts of self-compassion and wellbeing will then reflect out into other healthy relationships and the world.

My Qualifications

2003 – Teacher Training, The Life Centre, London, UK

2005 – Intermediate & Pregnancy Training, Nicky Knoff,   Australia

2007 – Advanced Teacher Training, Donna Farhi,   New Zealand

2009 – Pregancy Teacher Training, Janice Clarfield,   New Zealand

2012/2013 – Yoga Anatomy – Practices, Leslie Kaminoff, The Breathing Space,  NYC

2013/14 – Level 1 & 2 iRest Certification with Dr. Richard Miller, Prema Yoga, Australia 

2016 – iRest Full certification in progress…..


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