A somatic place of listening deeply within

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My practice and teaching come from a somatic place of listening deeply within, which is a skill that I have developed over 20 years of practicing and teaching yoga. I have been blessed to have studied in depth with Donna Farhi and through her guidance have been opened up to a truly loving and sustainable practice.

About Sam Loe

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  • —  Facilitator of Yoga Nidra + meditative inquiry
  • —  Teacher of movement and breathing practices
  • —  Educator of Yoga history + philosophy
  • —  Curator of retreats + resting spaces
  • —  Painter + Artist


Yoga can be considered as a place of coming home to ourselves through a journey of self-befriending and discovery.

With gratitude to the ancient texts and complex history of Yoga I acknowledge the Indian teachers and lineages that have kept the wisdom of Yoga alive and come to share it with so many of us across the globe.


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My Personal Journey

Sam Loe Green Header Logo

My life has been enriched and my persepective broadened by being a citizen in three countries; Switzerland, the UK and Aotearoa, New Zealand. I honour the lands of Whakatū, Nelson, on New Zealand’s South Island – this is where I have put down my roots. Every day, I am grateful to share this nature-rich, expansive place with my partner Rob, our teen children Eli and Sol, and our fluffy Labradoodle, Frankie.

About 20 years ago, I fell passionately in love with yoga. I pursued a two-year teacher training at Yoga Campus in London, detailed in my graduate interview. My yoga journey has included learning from both Indian and Western teachers, exploring yoga’s various dimensions as an art, science, philosophy, psychology, and spiritual practice.

I am a Yoga teacher, Yoga therapist, wellbeing mentor, certified iRest supervisor, and a senior associate of international yoga teacher Donna Farhi. I also teach the History and Philosophy of Yoga on the Contemporary Yoga Teacher Training  in Auckland.

My practice and teaching stem from a somatic place of deep inner listening, a skill honed through in-depth study with Donna Farhi. Her guidance and friendship have fostered a loving, sustainable practice.

In 2013, I discovered the healing power of iRest® Yoga Nidra and became certified under Kirsten Guest in 2018. Combining iRest with functional, therapeutic, and restorative yoga, I have found a profound framework to address personal challenges and guide students to their own resources.

My wellbeing work spans various environments, including schools, hospitals, mental health communities, and those facing health challenges like cancer, anxiety, depression, long-COVID, and chronic fatigue.

Painting + Art Practice
My practice also embraces the processes of drawing, painting and making art as an extension of my somatic experience of living in this human body. You can view my paintings here >>