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I offer private Yoga Nidra Sessions through facilitating a personal one-on-one meditation session known in iRest as Dyad work. I like to describe it as co-meditation in which I support you to delve into self-inquiry and meet whatever is arising. It differs from a guided Yoga Nidra in that as the client  you are invited to verbalise what you are noticing and experiencing including on all the layers of your experience including the sensations, images, thoughts and emotions. The aim is not to fix anything but to allow, meet and greet experience so that insights may come forth.

This dyad format can be a powerful way to tap into your inner wisdom and develop a somatic understanding of any challenges that you might be facing in life. This may include anxiety, depression, pain, or perhaps to get more perspective on emotions or self-limiting beliefs. Often clients will come away from these sessions feeling a sense of integration or clear next steps to take.

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The sessions are 75minutes in duration and can happen in-person or via Zoom.
Investment NZ$100 per session or NZ$360 for a series of 4.

Please contact me by email to discuss further.


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