“Sam is a compassionate teacher who teaches from years of committed yogic training, theoretical study and with deep personal insight into the blessing of yoga in everyday life. She walks her talk with grace and beauty.  I find her teaching inspirational.”
Anna, Essentials Class attendee

“Sam has an amazing talent for making her students feel comfortable in their own bodies and accepting what that body state is.  The fundamentals course is full of incredibly relevant and useful tips that you can take away and use in your daily life as well as in your home practice.  I have never done yoga that has been so easeful yet made me feel so strong and connected to my body.  Each class makes me feel excited about what I am about to learn and where that will take me on my personal journey.”
Annette, Fundamentals Class attendee

“I highly recommend Sam’s classes. I have tried yoga a few times before and not really understood it enough to keep focused for an entire session or feel any particular ongoing benefit. What is totally different about Sam’s fundamental class is that it takes you back to the basics of yoga philosophy, anatomy and human development of movement. The course provides practical guidance on how to establish mindful awareness of the mind/body connection through yoga practice. Sam’s teaching style is fresh, engaging and thoroughly enjoyable.”
Emily, Fundamentals Class attendee

“As an older than most, male, newbie to Sam’s yoga class, I felt very comfortable at my beginners level. The progression of the journey was at a pace that I could manage , while the inner understanding was subtle yet powerful as directed by Sam. Im definitey signing up for more.”
Russel, Fundamentals Class attendee

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart for your Preggie yoga classes. It was a home birth with no pain relief for someone who had “Julie would like an epidural in labour” written at the top of her birth plan! I absolutely credit your techniques for getting me through it. I used the leaning against the wall posture, the special in breath, the out breath with humming and pelvic rotation. I used the techniques until almost the very very end. I don’t know what I would have done without them. Of all my labour preparations, your classes were absolutely the most valuable. I will always be grateful!”
Julie, Pregnancy Yoga Class attendee

“I find Sam’s class a perfect balance of rejuvination, strength and spirituality. She blends poetry and styles of yoga creating her own unique flavour that is focused and giving. It is a real pleasure to be in Sam’s classes.”
Hannah, Essentials Class attendee

“I just wanted to thank you so much for the part that you and your yoga classes played in helping me to achieve the birth I really wanted.”
Bee, Pregnancy Class attendee