More Wild Geese

After a frustrating family reunion that highlighted all sorts of complex relationship issues I found myself writing this poem. I’m totally appropriating Mary Oliver as you can see by reading the original poem in my earlier blog.  How can we respond in times of conflict when we or the other party is clinging to their opinion, needing to be right, and to be on the high ground? At what point can we step back and remember the bigger more important life qualities that we really want to live by?

More Wild Geese

You do not have to be right
You do not have to cling to the brick wall defence created by your opinions
You only have to let love flow from your open heart
Tell me your vulnerabilities, yours and I will tell you mine
Meanwhile the world carries on
Meanwhile love is overflowing everywhere
From the wild geese, the careful insects, and the soft animals
From disobedient children, anxious women and lonely men.
Meanwhile love continues to give all the protection that is needed.
Whoever you are no matter how angry
Embrace the flowing stream of love as it guides us all home
Again and again
Into the understanding
That we are all a part of ONE family.

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