Do you know that feeling when you’re overwhelmed, juggling too many things and feeling on edge? When you’ve forgotten about all the tools that help you feel connected and at ease? Even after nearly 20 years of practicing Yoga I still have moments where I forget the simple power of the breath and the backdrop of Being that’s actually always there. I often turn to poetry as a way of finding prescence and perspective. Usually I turn to my poetry books and read some inspiring truths but every now and again a poem arrives into my penned hand an makes it’s way onto paper. This is a short poem that I wrote for myself in one of those anxious times as a little antidote. It invites my whole body to shift away from the Sympathetic Nervous System and into the safety of the Parasympathetic. I sometimes share it in classes and I’d like to share it with you.


On Edge

Are you on the edge of your seat

gaze at the front of your eyes

urgently trying to get through 

this one precious life

as if you’ve forgotten something?


Fall into the waiting 

armchair behind you.


Allow your self to be held

by a safe motherly lap

and synchronise 

your breath

to hers.


by Sam Loe