This poem arrived after a beautiful spring walk with a friend of mine. Everything smelt fresh and shiny and new. We came upon a cow and her calf who had literally just arrived into this world and so the image stayed with me. I often read poems in my classes; this one is an invitation to reflect on your own little germinating seeds of change and opportunity. You can read or listen to it below. (Maori words – ‘Whenua’, pronounced ‘Fenua’ means ‘of the land’ AND ‘placenta’. ‘Kereru’ are big beautiful wood pigeons.)

Spring Births

On the side of the gravel road

A patch of bloody earth

marks the spot

where a sacred cow

has landed from her mother’s womb.

From Whenua to Whenua;

her sticky jet black coat still wet

and her umbilical cord only just severed

she hangs

in a suspended miracle

as she tries to find her feet

on the dappled winter grass

her legs splayed and shaky

searching for balance

to take her first four legged steps.


Two Kereru dance with joy in the

still bare branches above her.


I slow down to take it all in

feeling my own potential

for wonder

and for standing on my own two feet

in the plans that have been stowed

away in an unknown shadow of myself.

But this early Spring

has helped me to remember who I am

and with the green tips of the bulbs

pushing away the soil

the beginnings

of my new life



Am I ready?

by Sam Loe


Listen to my delivery here: