This boy and this dog and I have put together a family yoga class for you as we go into alert level 3 here in NZ. Alert level 3 will see some commercial changes and a few kids will go back to school but for many of us it’s the same routine of being at home with family (but maybe getting a couple of take aways!).
From our home to yours we hope that you take the opportunity for this 25 minute yoga session with your Whanau. This sequence should work for older kids, tweens, teens and adults and is an opportunity to kindly move your body, connect with your breath and cultivate some calm together. There’s so much for all of us, and especially our children, to process in these stressful times and yoga is such a great way to help with some integration.
Online workouts have been a great support for our family fitness but on some days the kids have spoken of feeling exhausted and tired, been more emotional and wanted something a little more soothing. It’s been wonderful to share a bit of yoga with them. It’s important to recognise that when you are practicing especially with younger kids they might wander off, come back, make a noise, not do exactly what’s being suggested and that’s all perfectly normal! Sol has become more able to focus as he’s grown. Now at age 11 he can concentrate for a good half an hour. Getting my teen into Yoga has also been on and off but some days it has actually enjoyed as long as he had choices in the practice.
If you have a towel, exercise or yoga mat it would be a good way for everyone to have their own little island to practice on. This is not an exercise programme, Yoga is more about mindfulness in movement so please don’t force any of this and keep it in the flow of ease and joy. Don’t do anything that doesn’t feel right in your body.
I think you’ll all agree that Sol has done an amazing job not only showing the postures in front of the camera but directing and editing using only an iPad! Thank you Sol for being willing to share this with others and I have so appreciated being in lockdown with you.