Family Yoga

This boy and this dog and I have put together a family yoga class for you as we go into alert level 3 here in NZ. Alert level 3 will see some commercial changes and a few kids will go back to school but for […]

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Somatic Yoga

Sam Loe Self Practice

My new classes starting in February 2018 include a ‘Nourishing Moves’ session. I sometimes find it hard to describe the approach that I’m offering as it is outside of a particular yoga lineage or style. I draw from all kinds of influences when teaching but […]

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Spinal Flossing

Flossing is a term you might usually associate with oral hygiene as a way of getting to the bits that get stuck in-between your teeth.  In this video I’m using the term spinal flossing to describe a helpful daily sequence of movements that we can […]

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Mermaid on the Rocks

Use this divine restorative pose to recover from your Summer holidays! That might sound like strange thing to say. I love all the adventuring, camping, hiking, sailing and frisbee on the beach we do with the kids throughout this season and feel deeply grateful for […]

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