To new beginnings! Winter Solstice feels like an auspicious time to launch my new website

Traditional Solstice rituals celebrate the energy of transformation, creativity, and new beginnings as the return of the light is welcomed along with our hopes and dreams for the coming year.

It is my hope and heartfelt desire to share my passion for cultivating a sustainable and nourishing yoga practice no matter your circumstances. I look forward to guiding and holding space for you to MOVE KINDLY | BREATHE FREELY | REST DEEPLY.

By way of ceremony and celebration, I have recorded a brand new, free Yoga Nidra that invites you to rest and tune into the solstice wherever you are. Depending on whether you are entering into the hibernating energy of winter or welcoming the brightness of summer, you might use this practice as a way to listen in to what the season is offering right now and how that might reflect in your own life.  The focus is on the energy of the sun and its qualities and radiance. During this practice you will also be invited to welcome opposites and allow for both light and shadow to be present. Go find a time and space to settle in and enjoy. Sam x