Heart to Belly Breath

Sam Loe Wellness Wednesdays

When you begin practicing Constructive Rest Position (CRP) you might find that you are so tired that you more or less fall asleep whilst listening to the audio guide from part 1. With practice and once sleep debt has been addressed, Constructive Rest is a good place to begin working consciously with body or even breath sensing. This adds to the effect of being relaxed and yet alert at the same time.

The quality and state of our own breath is a very good indicator as to how we are coping and feeling in any given moment. But mostly we forget to check-in with the breath. This audio recording is an opportunity to feel the breath just as it is and then to begin a gentle guiding of it’s flow and rhythm inviting a kind of reset for our whole being.

So make a 20 minute appointment with your self today and set up a yoga mat with a folded blanket on it. Make a headrest with a towel; see the Origami Head Support post if you want to go deluxe, and then get into Constructive Rest position.

To begin with arms and hands will rest in neutral by your side but about half way through you will be invited to place hands as shown in the image above and below, left hand on heart, right hand on belly.

If constructive rest isn’t working for you there could be many adjustments you could make including details of the pelvis placement and support of the thighs, but another option is to remain supine but place the legs up on a chair as int he image below.

Rest well x




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