The sense of finding wellbeing is often seen as an enduring pursuit or a difficult to achieve quest. And we are constantly being given advice through social media or the latest self care books by health experts and gurus of what we need to do to find this ultimate state of wellness and health. And of course some of that information is very useful however here is a practice that invites a letting go of the search, dropping the struggle and opening up to the idea that wellbeing is already here and that it can reveal itself to you when you get very quiet in your body and your breath and begin to listen inwardly.

Roger Housden, poet and writer wrote a whole book called ‘Dropping the Struggle’ reviewed here on the iRest website – – in which encourages us all to give up on perfection and expectations around our notions of love, change, time, meaning and purpose as well as the need to know. He says:

“The solution to most of life’s predicaments – and especially those that cannot be solved on a spreadsheet – does not fall within the purview of the prefrontal cortex. It emerges from a more unconscious – Lao-Tzu would say more natural and spontaneous – dimension, one that joins us to a larger field of of awareness in which action unfolds organically in response to the truth of the situation.”

I was inspired by this and this Yoga Nidra practice is expressed from this considering this idea. Might wellbeing be revealed from the meditative spacious space of Yoga Nidra in a way that makes sense to you at this age and this time and place that you find yourself in right now. 

iRest Meditation on Personal Wellbeing with iRest Mentor & Supervisor Samantha Loe from iRest Institute on Vimeo.