Restore your Breath with this Lung Elixir

A stress filled day will subconsciously create tension throughout the body. One way to counter this is to work consciously with the breath whilst relaxing. I call this side lying restorative yoga pose the Lung Elixir as it works directly on our organs of respiration in a deliciously soothing but expansive way. Watch the video to be inspired and if you wish to set up something similar below is a step by step photographic set of instructions.

1.You will need a minimum of 3 blankets, a regular size bath towel and a bolster or as seen in the video a big blanket rolled up into a bolster shape. Use one blanket unfolded as your soft base then concertina fold your 2 remaining blankets into a rectangular pile to support your head. Set up your props like the the picture below. If at all possible have other blankets, shawls or towels around to create extra comfort for resting.


2. Sit sideways so that your hip is a good handwidth away from the bolster, and for extra comfort lace a blanket between our knees. Get ready witht he rolled up towel which will become your neck support. That means it needs to be the right shape for your neck. Check that it fits into the curve of your neck – it is not an ear support! As you lie down make sure your shoulder is on the ground, the bolster is creating an opening through your rib cage. If it is painful you will need to reduce the size of your rib support – either a smaller bolster or a couple of blankets rolled up together.



3. I like to add another rolled up towel between the upside of my neack and my arm which is now reaching over to be placed on the ground or a support of some kind – could be another bolster, block or folded blanket.


4. The final adjustment is to the outstretched arm along the floor. I have found it to be more reassuring to have a little support along the forearm to the hand. It supports it’s natural desire to curl up and by placing an eyebag intot he hand there’s a weightiness that helps to ground. Close the eyes and allow your focus to be with the breath. VIsualise the lungs gently opening as int he video I love to theink of their branch like structure pulsing and flowing with renewed energy.



  1. Awesome video – thanks Sam – I love it. One of my favourite restoratives too. Thank you. I love the quality of your work.

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