Your own personal weather report

Solstice Greetings! Today is the longest day of the year down here in the southern hemisphere and the sun is shining brightly. A funny time to be celebrating the traditions of Christmas which come from a culture and time when the days are shortest, and light is welcomed back in as folk make intentions for a new year and look forward to longer days again.

No matter whether you reside in the northern or southern hemisphere, this week is a good time to reflect on the qualities of the sun; warmth and light. The fact is that the sun continues to shine brightly whether we are in winter or summer – it is the earth’s axis and rotation that changes our relationship to it.

It stays the same. 

And I often remind myself of that, on a stormy, cold day, somewhere out there the sun is still shining. I just can’t see it.

Just like the ever changing weather and seasons we experience our own personal fluctuations be they physical, emotional or mental, and tend to forget that there is a part of us that is unchanging and unconditionally ok, even joyous! A key aim of Yoga is to connect with that truth.

Everyday we are asked:

How are you?

Or are you well? Usually I will be polite and respond with fine thanks. Which is essentially true. I am fine underneath it all. But sometimes we need to pause, welcome and observe all that is manifesting so that we can acknowledge how we really are on every level of our being. This does not mean dwelling but acknowledging and listening within so that we can take care of ourselves and make choices that will support us.  It’s not a navel gazing exercise but a tool for making an intention for how to proceed – be that in your yoga practice today, at the family Christmas lunch or for 2017!

It only takes 10 minutes.

So go ahead set up in Constructive Rest position or just sit in a comfortable way and press play.


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