I was lucky enough to travel around beautiful Bali for a couple of weeks with my whanau. Spirit and ritual were everywhere, the land so luscious, the ocean inviting and magical and the friendliness and kindness of people everywhere we went was super welcoming. We were invited into people’s homes and even a couple schools where my 17 year old befriended a martial arts teacher. My teen boys had some life affirming experiences here. So I am feeling very blessed for this time.

As an offering, I have recorded a Yoga Nidra Postcard from Bali. Whenever I visit somewhere that inspires a deeper understanding of our interconnection or just a sense of meditative rest, I love to freestyle a recording with the sounds of that place as a backdrop. This one has the early morning birdsong from Nusa Lembongan and the soothing sound of the ocean waves. So if you fancy a little yoga retreat in Bali without leaving home, I invite you to put half an hour aside and make yourself comfortable to tune in.