Autumn Equinox: a time where light and dark come into balance. The traditional pagan celebrations are a wonderful opportunity to tune in and listen to what the season may be whispering into our inner ear. The global pandemic situation is so loud and prevalent in our thoughts and experience that we can forget to tune into the ongoing reassuring turning of nature in all its glory from one season to the next. There is so much to gain by observing these changes and noticing how the season is landing in your life. I love using ritual to tune into all the seasonal celebrations and have often based retreats or events on the solstices and equinoxes. As we are in lockdown I’m not organising any events but would love to offer this recording as a way for you to participate in a personal ritual and reflection for yourself.

Use this breath and reflection practice as a way to set personal intentions for these coming days and weeks. At the end you are invited to journal the thoughts and images that may arise as a result of taking this time to meditate and reflect.

A question for reflection:

What resources do I have, or actions can I make, to support myself as we move into the wintertime of darkness and cooler times?