Slowing your Sun Salutes

Some of my students have been expressing an interest in doing more practice at home especially learning the Sun Salutes. Home practice requires discipline and a regular space and time that is undisturbed. The style and approach of the salutes we practice in class invites a […]

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Resting your Asana

I see Restorative Yoga as a vital component of my practice and teaching. It is easy to find classes all around the world that teach the more active ‘asana’ or yoga postures but I see and sense the increasing desire of so many people to […]

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Praying and Meditating

So in a split second I went from a sunfilled autumn day playing in the woods with my kids and their friends to a nightmare that walked me along the edge of life and death; a freak moment that pulled my eldest son out of […]

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More Wild Geese

After a frustrating family reunion that highlighted all sorts of complex relationship issues I found myself writing this poem. I’m totally appropriating Mary Oliver as you can see by reading the original poem in my earlier blog.  How can we respond in times of conflict when […]

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Map of Being: Joy!

Familiarising ourselves with all of our beautiful Koshic layers we can move beyond our conditioning. We can view the comings and goings of the positive and negative emotions, thoughts and beliefs by also connecting with the realm of unconditional joy and bliss that lies in […]

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Map of Being: Our Beliefs

This post continues on the journey of the Koshas as I explore Vijnanamaya. This sheath takes us further into the subtleties of the mind. Manomaya, the previous sheath, is the gross and tangible mind that is fed through the senses. Vijnanamaya is even more intangible. […]

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Map of Being: Feeling and Emotions

As we continue into the more subtle realms of the Yoga Journey, feelings and emotions will arise. This is a great opportunity to meet and greet ourselves just as we are and give these parts of ourselves some time to be seen so that anything that […]

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Map of Being: The Energy Body

Once we have connected with and nourished the physical body, the Annamaya, which I wrote about last week we can begin to access the more subtle realm of the Energy Body known in Yoga as Pranamaya. When we feel into the Pranamaya sheath we can connect […]

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