Somatic Yoga

Sam Loe Self Practice

My new classes starting in February 2018 include a ‘Nourishing Moves’ session. I sometimes find it hard to describe the approach that I’m offering as it is outside of a particular yoga lineage or style. I draw from all kinds of influences when teaching but […]

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Spinal Flossing

Flossing is a term you might usually associate with oral hygiene as a way of getting to the bits that get stuck in-between your teeth.  In this video I’m using the term spinal flossing to describe a helpful daily sequence of movements that we can […]

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A Poem for when you’re On Edge

Do you know that feeling when you’re overwhelmed, juggling too many things and feeling on edge? When you’ve forgotten about all the tools that help you feel connected and at ease? Even after nearly 20 years of practicing Yoga I still have moments where I […]

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